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Viva San Carlos.MX is a personal website. Instead of making it a site to show my family or my cat, I made it a tourism promotional site about Guaymas, San Carlos. My pages are about news, historic events, and information about the area.

About the author. Alejandro "alecs" Martinez, born in Guaymas Sonora. Self-taught, self-employed, and he's a COMPUTER ENTHUSIAST himself.

In 1979 he pursued an Engineering Degree. It did not work out! Fifteen years later, he bought an old computer from an "Old Gringo" and started studying computers by himself, no money and no time to go back to school! Three years later, he hooked his computer up to the Internet and he's still there!

You may contact "alecs" at: vivasancarlos@gmail.com or (622) 226-1391. P.O. Box 136 San Carlos Nvo Guaymas Sonora 85506 Mexico. Finding alecs


Phone tips: Direct dial from the US: 011-52-622 + number in Guaymas/SanCarlos/Empalme. Dialing to a Mexican cellphone from States: 011 + 52 + 1+ (10-dígits cellphone #)
044: This is only used when calling the number locally and is omitted for international calls. 045:
If you are calling a Mexican cell phone from within Mexico but it is a long distance call, the prefix is 045; then dial the 10-digit number.

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San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico