Insurance Company


MAPFRE Insurance agent: Guillermo "Memo" Iberri (pic). E-mail: memoiberri@hotmail.com

Address: Blvd Beltrones km 10+300, Plaza Arrecifes (in front old PEMEX gas station) in San Carlos, Son. MX.
Phone: 011-52-622-226-0249. Hours: (Mon-Fri) 9am-5pm, (Sat) 9am-2pm. Google maps: http://g.co/maps/aradt


MAPFRE - 01-800-0266358, 01-800-0266551 - E-mail: atencioncliente@mapfre.com.mx - Web: www.mapfretepeyac.com

Phone tips: Direct dial from the US: 011-52-622 + number in Guaymas/SanCarlos/Empalme. Dialing to a Mexican cellphone from States: 011 + 52 + 1+ (10-dígits cellphone #)
044: This is only used when calling the number locally and is omitted for international calls. 045: If you are calling a Mexican cell phone from within Mexico but it is a long distance call, the prefix is 045; then dial the 10-digit number.

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San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico