Planning a Driving Trip
to San Carlos Mexico

Drive with instructions
and pictures all the way!


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Are you a bit nervous about driving to Mexico? Not sure what paper work you need? You can’t read the road signs because they’re in Spanish? You looked on the Internet and have been overloaded with information but cannot find exactly what you are looking for? Well, let us help you. Get yourselves to Tucson, Arizona and Gary and Donna’s Trip Guide will take you to San Carlos and back.

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are Gary and Donna Goldstein. We own Gary’s Dive Shop and Boat Trips in San Carlos, Sonora Mexico. We immigrated to Mexico from Tucson and have lived and done business in San Carlos for thirty-four years. We have driven safely and enjoyably from Tucson to San Carlos and back for all of these years. We have learned through experience and customer feedback that if you know what comes next on the trip you will have a safe and fun adventure, instead of having a trip fraught with uncertainties.

We have created a step-by-step pictorial guide for driving to and from San Carlos departing from Tucson. With these instructions and pictures you will feel very secure in your adventure. The tips that we are passing along answer our friends and customers most frequently asked questions.

We will discuss:

  • Need-to-know tips before leaving
  • Obtaining visa’s (tourist permits) including bringing minors
  • Car papers
  • Recreational vehicles including boats, jet skis, ATV’s, and motor-homes
  • Insurance
  • The easiest route south to San Carlos
  • A listing of some of our favorite businesses and folks
  • Emergency telephone numbers

With this guide you will be comfortable traveling into Mexico because you will not have to guess where you are or if you are going in the right direction. We will explain the tollbooths, highway signs and your best plan of action if you are stopped by the highway patrol. We will take all of your worries out of traveling from Tucson to San Carlos for an enjoyable, fun vacation.

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